PrayersPlus  from St. Clement ePress

$2.99 - (happily) launched in July 2014 for Android

Believe it or not, the hardest reviews to write are when I have TOO much to say because they come from a product I truly like. As it is with PrayersPlus - there are so many exciting things to share, I just don't know where to start!


How about I share 5 of my favorite features of the PrayerPlus app:

  1. The thorough explanation on the Catholic Church's teaching on Indulgences;
  2. The clear and concise listing of the Six Precepts of the Faith;
  3. The searchable Prayer Index;
  4. Biographies of the Doctors of the Church; and
  5. Fantastic, prayerful Stations of the Cross.


Often misunderstood, Indulgences really get a bad rap. This feature of the PrayersPlus app shows what a true gift they are.  I particularly appreciated the list of Four Ways to Gain Screenshot_2014-08-26-02-58-13a Plenary Indulgence. This was definitely very beneficial.  As a great sinner, I need all the help with my temporal punishment that God will allow me.  As a person with a deep devotion to the Poor Souls in Purgatory, I was overjoyed to see teaching of offering of Indulgence for those souls included in the explanation.

Six Precepts

The Bible Study group, I am blessed to hold in my home, actually used the Six Precept section of the App to guide our discussion this week on the topic.   While we were all familiar-- in one way or another -- with the individual rules, some of us had not linked them together as The Precepts of the Church (Catechism of Catholic Church nos. 2041- 2043).    The informative and detailed list provided for a lively discussion.


From Augustine to Hildegard von Bingen, this feature includes feast days; when each Saint was declared a Doctor of the Church, as well as the dates associated with their birth, death and canonization.  Each mini-biography is full of interesting and illuminating facts.  There was not a single synopsis I read that didn't make me want to go learn more about these men and women who have all made significant contributions to the Catholic Church.

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