Today's Gospel: Luke 6:1-5

My first reaction to this Gospel is …YIKES!  If they were in trouble for plucking heads of grain on the Sabbath what would they have done with me?  I look at the way I spend many Sunday’s and I realize the Pharisees would have booted me right out on my ear immediately!

Jesus had a perfect defense for “breaking” the law, I usually don’t.  Jesus had specific evidence about occasions and events where the law could be seen from another perspective, I usually don’t.  Jesus was eloquently pointing out that the Sabbath was for worship and giving nourishment that provided the strength to carry out that worship was not a violation.  When I look at my Sunday practices, I have to honestly admit that most of those tasks have nothing to do with worship.  Laundry, sweeping and grocery shopping are not prayerful worship aids but my guilty conscience and I try to defend them.  There are isolated exceptions but the bottom line is I’m famous for trying to include too many things in that category.  This Gospel reminds me that I would be better off spending my Sabbath in prayer and study, lifting up all the tasks and responsibilities to His divine organization and timing and spending less time breaking the rules, feeling guilty and trying to engineer my ridiculous defense!


What does my Sunday usually look like? Do I use it to rest, find peace and grow closer to God or do I use it as a catch up day for everything that didn’t get done the week before?


Lord of all things, as I spend a day of rest with you, infuse me with the trust to know my gift of time given to your honor will unfolded splendidly and perfectly into a beautiful  and blessed week.

Copyright 2014 Sheri Wohlfert