In the past few weeks, we've had a number of our contributors here at sing the praises of Marcellino D'Ambrosio's new book, When the Church Was Young: Voices of the Early Church Fathers. In fact, I've raved about it at my Register blog and interviewed D'Ambrosio at Integrated Catholic Life.

What, I wondered, could I possibly add to this conversation?

Well, I can repeat what I've been saying, in various ways:

When the Church Was Young is gripping, compelling, and fast-moving. It's hard to believe it's about a bunch of old dead guys, honestly, and D'Ambrosio inspires a love of history, crafts a great story, and plants an appreciation for where we are 2000 years later.

I've wanted to learn more in the 300-page adventure with this book than I have since college. D'Ambrosio doesn't just bring the past alive: he makes it relevant and he makes the Church Fathers into the superheroes they deserve to be.

This book would be the perfect companion for new Catholics. It will fill your reference shelf with information that's fun to revisit. And, best of all, it will make you understand what happened back when the Church was brand-new.

Homeschooling moms, converts, people who like to read: take note. This is a book you'll want to buy two copies of (because no, I'm not letting you borrow mine).

I can also add this: buy the book. You won't be sorry.

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