One of my favorite songs in church as a little girl was "Sing of Mary".

Sing of Mary, pure and lowly,

Virgin mother undefiled,

Sing of God's own Son most holy,

Who became her little child. Fairest child of fairest mother,

God the Lord who came to earth,

Word made flesh, our very brother,

Takes our nature by his birth.

The tune still comes to me when I am holding a baby or taking a walk in the sunshine.  It must be buried in my subconscious heart.

And what does it mean to "Sing" of Mary?

It has come to mean more than the song of my youth. Rich and deeper thought has come as I have aged.

The song finds itself now in action more that word, for it means following her model of synchronized song and dance with the Holy Spirit.

Aren't we just too old for all this frivolous dancing?

Aren't we too sophisticated?  Aren't there too many other more important things to do?

Well, it depends on how you view the dance taking place.

(I did tell my youngest that I knew he was now a  true teenager when I did a little dance in the kitchen the other day and he walked out!)

We won't be found waltzing around the living room per say,

but our dance takes the form of service and love.

Are you bending to kiss the knee of the little one who fell?  To hold him in your arms as he cries?

Are you stirring and sautéing all the vegetables you cut to offer warm soup when all come home?

Are you applying make-up carefully and running out the door, praying a rosary on the way to be His Word to those you teach?

These are the forms the dance takes in real life, just as they did for Our Mother.

When we enter in the  song and dance duet of the Holy Spirit, we fill the place we are in with His grace.

Oh yes, we recognize how quickly when we fall out of step, and hurt dance partners with cold words and selfish thoughts.

But, thankfully the Master Choreographer's Hand always extends - He picks you up from the fall reminding you of something very important:

This is the rehearsal for the dance of eternity. 

We fall here and now, but one day there will be no mistakes- only glory!

In the month of Our Lady, perhaps we could let her instruct us....on how we might enter into her song and her dance.

We can ask her for a personal Visitation to our home and our heart,

and we can let our bodies be given over in service to the Lord as she gently reminds us

step by beautiful step.

Sing of Mary!

Our Lady, Fairest Queen of the Song and the Dance, pray for us!

Copyright 2014, Cynthia Ann Costello