Editor's note: We received information about this exciting program and wanted to be sure to share it with you! You can be part of making this project possible by pledging at Kickstarter.
- Sarah

Rendering of the Cana Dinner Theater Rendering of the Cana Dinner Theater

The Wedding at Cana: scripture comes alive in an all-sung musical performed as Catholic dinner theater! You are an honored guest!

This Kickstarter campaign will fund the creation of a high quality package of performance tools  for the production of The Wedding at Cana Musical, including the talent, the set design, the costumes, but especially the production of a controlled video shoot using cinematic techniques.

Your support of this project will allow us to export this work of evangelization to other dioceses and parishes around the country.

Our vision is to provide them with the tools to launch their own production of the Wedding at Cana using their own local talent.

The video is the key.

We'll provide parishes with the video to show exactly how the show looks. They'll get director's notes, music scores, music tracks for performances, marketing, posters, and even tickets.

Ultimately, your support will allow us … together … to evangelize our local communities using the power and beauty of art and entertainment to experience the wonders of Christ's love.

Your support, no matter how small, is like a mustard seed that can grow into something profound and mighty.

Producing theatrical events can be a challenge for parishes. Our package can enable even rural and small communities with limited budgets the means to stage the diverse faith-building events that the new Catholic evangelization calls for.

'Evangelization through Entertainment' is fresh and dynamic for American Catholics!

Learn more and make a donation to support this project at Kickstarter!