Editor's note: We thank our friends at Image for helping us to pull together this article, which is a homeschoolers' perspective on the great new book The American Catholic Almanac: A Daily Reader of Patriots, Saints, Rogues, and Ordinary People Who Changed the United States. Whether or not you homeschool, be sure to check out this great new resource. Lisa

almanac_homeschoolIn The American Catholic Almanac Brian Burch and Emily Stimpson have put together a page-a-day history of 365 inspiring stories celebrating the historic contributions of American men and women who have been shaped by their Catholic faith.

From Revolutionary War to Notre Dame Football, the Catholic Church has played a unique and often transformative role in American public life over the last 300 years. The American Catholic Almanac tells the fascinating, funny, uplifting and unlikely tales of the famous figures and lesser-known saints and sinners who have influenced history, culture, and politics.

There really is something for everyone in The American Catholic Almanac, but it is an especially great resource for Catholic families, schools, and anyone curious about American history.

We recently asked several Catholic Mom contributors to review The American Catholic Almanac from a homeschooling perspective. Here’s what they had to say:

Not boring

When I first started reading The American Catholic Almanac, I was afraid that it might be boring because I link the term "almanac" with dull statistical facts, but this reference book is anything but boring.  Since I homeschool my kids, we know a fair amount about American Catholic history, so some of the stories and histories were familiar, but they were taken from such various personal perspectives that I found myself truly drawn into the story behind the history.

Ann Frailey, Akfrailey.com



A great resource

Reading The American Catholic Almanac would be a great resource for Charlotte Mason or Classical homeschoolers. You could use it for history, church history, and geography. The stories are so interesting that they will whet the appetite for more if your children love to learn. And if they don’t end up going past the days reading, they still know more than they did when they woke up. I would honestly recommend this to any Catholic home school family with older students. It’s a fascinating read!


Jen Steed, Happy Little Homemaker  

A powerful reminder

Our faith and the real love that springs from it are not about feeling good and “fitting in.” Hanging on a cross did not feel good. A criminal’s death was the antithesis of “fitting in.” The American Catholic Almanac tales remind us to ask for the mind and heart of a martyr and allow our fiery love for Jesus Christ to motivate all we do.


Cindy Costello, Clothed With the Sun




Shout it from the rooftops!

I wish I had a wonderful Catholic history resource like this when I was homeschooling my girls! Such a proud heritage we have as Catholics in America, it’s time to shout it from the rooftops!

Leticia Velasquez, A Special Mother is Born

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