Small Success Thursday

It's Thursday and it's Thanksgiving. So we should bear in mind that all we have is a gift.

There is nothing we have, nothing we keep, nothing we can hold, nothing we can make, nothing we utter, nothing we preserve that shall not fade to dust. No nation, no laws, no family, no home, no art, no orchard, no music, no feast nor fame: there is nothing that shall not one day fade into history. We shall all be forgotten under stones within one hundred years, and our names, told as part of stories by those who have never seen our faces, perhaps as cautionary tales or humorous folklore. We have only the beginning until now, and we may not even have tomorrow here. So thanks is for today, for all that came before, and for all we know.

Just the same, we should be thankful. Thanking continually, for the gifts of breathing out and in, and for the smiles of all those who greet us every day. We should rejoice in all of this beauty, the gold of the fading leaves, the drama of the clouds, the stark humor of three ravens walking up the driveway. God has poured out everything and continues to rain down graces which we walk through, often as children, oblivious to everything.

So today, consider the great reality, that all is grace. All is grace. All is grace. The hard part of that truth is all the people and errands and hassles which surround us. We do not see the grace in the annoying sales person or the giant mess we discover under the bed, or in colds or headaches, high bills or difficult projects.

We do not welcome or relish the struggle to treat another as Christ that an annoying person provides us. We do not welcome the task to serve others in a big mess clean up, or the grace of loving through pain, afforded by illness, or the sanctification of suffering.

But knowing there is that reality, underlying and permeating everything and everyone, means we have that great commission.

We are to always and everywhere, give thanks, to be thankful for the opportunity that all of everything affords us, to go forth and live knowing that includes us, that we are part of that all is grace, if we but cooperate.

Happy Thanksgiving and Small Success Thursday!

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Copyright 2014 Sherry Antonetti