Today's Gospel: Matthew 21: 23 - 27

The dialogue that Jesus had with the chief priests and elders calls to mind the times I have failed to believe. There have been times of difficulty in my life where I cried out to God and asked where he was. In the middle of the situation I was not able to see that it was God who was holding me up and getting me through. As I look back on these times I can see that God was always with me.


Have there been times when I failed to have faith and believe in God’s word? What can I do in my spiritual life to develop a stronger relationship with God? How can I take the faith and knowledge I have today, and apply it to my life so that in times of difficulty my faith in God can remain strong? Can I add a daily Mass to my schedule once a month, every other week or every week to help develop my relationship with God? Can I commit to 15 minutes of prayer a day to keep my relationship with God renewed on a daily basis?


Dear Lord, Fill my heart with your presence so that I may always know you and may know and feel your presence in my life in both good times and bad. Help me to give prayers of thanksgiving at all times. Bless this day as I go out into the world to do your deeds. Amen.

Copyright 2014 Lorrie Lane Dyer