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I have always had a devotion to Mother Mary. I can remember that my devotion was shared with me through my mom. She would always light a candle at Mother Mary’s feet every Sunday and would pray to her often during the day. As I got older my devotion continued but became stronger when I became a mom myself.

I couldn’t believe that God had chosen me, a very imperfect person, to be this little guy’s mom. The guidance I provide for him (or try to anyway) is truly something I pray for every day.

I ask Mother Mary, first thing in the morning, "Please guide me today and take care of all those I love both near and far." It is because of her grace that I have been able to be a mom for my son in spite of my mistakes.

As a mother I have tried to be there no matter what, have cried many nights when he is asleep because I  feel I  could have done better and at times have had  no idea if I am doing the right thing and guiding him not only where he needs to go, but closer to God and Mother Mary as well.

Last Sunday, I had the great opportunity to share my devotion  to Mary with my kindergarten catechism class. I was so excited to share with them not only my devotion and love for Mary but also how important she is because of her “yes” to God.

It was wonderful to see their eyes so attentive to my collection of Marian holy cards, They are beautiful! I also shared the Miraculous Medal I always wear around my neck.

I was so excited to be able to plant this little seed in their 5 and 6 year old minds: that if you love Mother Mary and pray to her with all your heart she will bring you even closer to her son!

As I left that day, I felt such joy because I had shared with them a love for Mary  that I hope and pray they will make a part of their daily lives.  Hopefully by getting to know her better they will know she is always at their side.

Have you encountered Mary? What role does she play in your prayer life?

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Image credit: Xhienne, Wikimedia Commons,