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There is nothing like going to a conference to be inspired and refreshed.  But lately, I’ve found it next to impossible to attend any of these conferences. They are too far away, at an inconvenient time.  If I ever do get some “time off,” I find I’d rather spend that time (and money) away with my spouse.  So here’s a great idea—an online conference, specifically made for busy moms.  The speakers are all the same ones that you would hear at a retreat or conference, but now, you have a little say about when and where (and even how much.)

What am I talking about?  The Catholic Conference 4 Moms that is being held this March 6-9.  The online conference is sandwiched between the eve of the Feast of Sts. Perpetual and Felicity and the Feast of St. Francis of Rome.  St. Francis is famed with the saying, “Sometimes we have to leave the altar and find Christ in our housework.”

The conference will run for free for these 4 days.  By signing up, the conference attendees will receive an email during each day of the conference.   In the email will be a list of the available presentations for that day—about 5-7.   Each presentation will be less than 30 minutes long.   Each attendee can pick which talk they want to view that day—anytime.  They can listen to just a couple, or to all, or skip them for the day.  Because they are not streamed live, there is a lot of flexibility.  Along with each presentation will also be a place to comment and see what others have said.  There may even be some interactions with the speakers.

The downside of this online conference isn’t the cost or the choice of presentations, but the lack of interactions that can accompany a regular conference.  Sure there are comments, but that isn’t the same as a real, live mom sitting next to you and then going to lunch together to share your thoughts.

But this is where the online Catholic Conference 4 Moms gets better.  At the end of the conference, a conference package will be available for sale.  It will contain all of the downloads of the presentations, notes and references, discussion questions for each presentation, and other “goodies” including audio downloads and ebooks.  This way, the conference can be held at a mom’s group or parish—over a weekend or spread out over the course of several weeks.  In other words, it can be the next book or video series for your mom’s support group.  And it’s very flexible.  You can pick which presentations you want to use.  The discussion questions are included to get your group talking and sharing.

If you do not have a support group, please take this opportunity to find one.  A popular theme among these presentations is the need for a support team.  It can be as few as 2 moms gathering together for a cup of tea.

But of course, the conference package is also helpful for individuals who want to view the videos they missed or view their favorites again.

Many affiliates of the conference will be offering the conference package at a substantial discount.  If you have a Catholic blog, ministry, business, or website that could help spread the news about the conference and in turn, earn a commission on its sales, please see the link for affiliates on the Catholic Conference 4 Moms website.

How do I sign-up?  The conference is not officially open to the public until February 1st, but Catholic Mom readers can take a look at the website and even sign-up.  There will be several prize packages awarded from those who have signed up.  Remember it costs nothing to sign-up, and you are not under any obligation to view anything.  You can “unsign-up” at any time.   And you will only receive emails that pertain to the conference.   Go to:

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