Today's Gospel: Mark 1:29-39

“Everyone is looking for you.”

Upon reading today’s Gospel passage, this one sentence really stood out to me.

I grew up using those extreme phrases like “always” and “never.” Later, I learned that those words are not necessarily helpful, because they exaggerate the point. Rarely are they necessary or accurate.

When I read “everyone,” I think of it to be another extreme word. Everyone implies every single person in the village. It implies there wasn’t anyone not looking for Jesus. And I question if that was really accurate.

But as I reflect further, I think, “Of course everyone was looking for Jesus. It was Jesus, for goodness sake!” Especially after His day of healing Peter’s mother-in-law and many people who were ill and possessed by demons, who wouldn’t be looking for Jesus?

But who is looking for Jesus today? Are our churches and adoration chapels full because people are looking to find Him there? Are our lines for Holy Communion a mile long because we know we will receive Jesus in the Eucharist? Do the times for Confession run over because so many people know they will encounter Jesus’ mercy and love in the healing Sacrament of Reconciliation?

While there may be many people looking for Jesus, is everyone?

I think about my own life and how often I don’t look for Jesus when I am facing an illness, when I am struggling with something physical, spiritual, or mental, or when the devil may be conducting some spiritual warfare in my life. Why don’t I? Why do I get so consumed by whatever crisis is happening that I forget to turn to the One who can actually heal me, save me, and rescue me for the challenges of life?

After Jesus healed so many people, He went off to a deserted place to pray, to seek God. He did exactly what He wants us to do. He looked for God in order to fulfill His purpose. And in turn, like the people in today’s Gospel, we must go to Jesus to be healed, to receive grace, to grow in strength, so that we may fulfill the purpose God has given us in this world.


Do you look for Jesus? Do you go to Him first when times are tough? How can you take time to seek Jesus out today and share with Him whatever is on your heart?


Dear Lord, we are grateful for the message in today’s Gospel and the amazing faith the people had in You! They have inspired us to look for You in the midst of our ordinary days, as well as in the midst of our sufferings and struggles. Thank You for always being there, waiting for us to come to You. Amen.

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Copyright 2015 Sarah Damm