Small Success dark blue outline 800x800Lots of things happened this week, but my favorite moment of the week came when we walked down the hill and the kids saw the grass covered with dandelions. Within minutes, I held a bouquet bigger than a basketball of yellow flowers. That afternoon, when they got off the bus, the lawn held countless puffable balls of dandelion seeds. It took thirty minutes to walk back to the house. We must have made a thousand wishes. My son Paul kept bringing big ones to me and saying, “Here Mom.” I thought he wanted me to hold them for him. But when I didn’t blow away the seeds, he tapped my shoulder and gestured, pretending to blow out candles so I’d know what to do. He high-fived me when I did it well.

The rest of the week moved at a decidedly different pace even if you don’t count going to the doctor’s and getting x-rays for one (negative for a break), and the car making stuttering sounds when I drove yesterday. Our junior is taking exams. The house is not quiet. (I got her headphones). We had some cleaning help and getting ready for the cleaning help was more help than the actual help. When they left, the house looked gorgeous but I didn’t feel we’d won any time from the experience.

We’d asked for help for a reason. This week, we had First Communion! Regina looked so beautiful.

regina first communion

I love watching second graders as they process up the aisle; they look so ready in a way, many times, I forget to be. We feasted with my sister-in-law and the cousins and my mom.


Another reason we tidied up? We hadn’t seen my oldest daughter since Christmas (if you don’t count skyping), but she’s home! It’s hard to believe a whole year of college is in the books. I’m very proud of her work, and am looking forward to getting some slow summer time with her.

We’re also getting ready for my oldest son’s return. He graduates from college in two weeks! The span of four years? Gone! I barely noticed it. I didn’t cry when he went off to college because he didn’t leave the state and we could drive over to his campus if he needed something or we felt Will-sick. But June 20th, he starts graduate school in Dayton, Ohio. My first baby will have really left home. I promise you: that week, I will be a mess.

Hope your week is full of small successes and someone pats you on the back even if it’s something you already do.

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