Photo copyright 2015 Tanya Weitzel. All rights reserved. Photo copyright 2015 Tanya Weitzel. All rights reserved.

Why does it feel awkward to play like a child? Is it because we don't want to, or does society teach us to focus on work alone? How does God want us to act? As His children, it is okay for us to mess up sometimes, ask too many questions, and want to play. We can learn through play as well. Our children understand the benefits of play, yet we as adults fail to stop and pretend. Play brings joy and releases stress. It is healthy to play and take a break from work. I am one to put work before play. Yet, at the end of the day, I never feel like playing. There is always work to do. I am not sure that is the correct attitude.

My son loathes doing schoolwork and we pester each other during the process. When people are so close to one another, it is difficult to be objective. I am not confident my teaching method is right for him. As a studious and diligent person, my son is free-spirited, yet stubborn, and wants to learn his own way. It is like keeping a butterfly trapped away from a flower garden. Shouldn't there be a better way to teach than fighting most of the time?

Jesus was a teacher and I wanted to be one my whole life. Here I am living out a dream that is not making anyone happy. Why can't I teach like Jesus? He humbled Himself to our level when instructing us. He continues to love us and to meet us where we are now. He has a vision for us and only reveals it bit by bit as we are ready. What is my vision for my son's education? Where is he at this moment? Right now, he wants to play and I want him to do his work. But last week, we played and learned together.

We visited the Animal Secrets Exhibit at Springfield Museums in Springfield, MA. As chipmunks, we explored nature. The special exhibits give children and adults the chance to learn and play through activities and games. The interactive stations are creative and fun.  Field trips where learning can take place in a different way allow me a day off from being a "teacher" in order to be a mom. One of the reasons I homeschool is to enjoy the time with my child. This summer, I am going to try to take it easy with school as I discern what God truly wants for our child. My son is correct when it comes to one thing: I don't play enough.

When was the last time you played with your children?

Copyright 2015  Tanya Weitzel
Photo copyright 2015 Tanya Weitzel. All rights reserved.