Morguefile, Kymme April 2014


It was wonderful to be able to teach kindergartners about my faith and all of its graces. In the midst of reading the Bible and sharing with them wonderful lessons that can be learned from God’s word, I couldn’t help but think that maybe these five- and six-year-olds were teaching me more than I was teaching them.

Perhaps for most of them this is the first time they have attended Sunday school and learned about the Mass, sacraments, and building a relationship with Jesus in a formal setting. They would share their excitement of how they read a Bible, they had one too, or didn’t have one at all, after I had shared my Bible and one of the many wonderful stories in it.

I couldn’t help but wonder after a class, or even after this Sunday school year was over, that I learned many things from them too.

One of the main things I learned is that I should have a twinkle in my eye because of how amazing God’s love is and how blessed I am to have that love. I learned that I should feel comfort in times of need and sorrow because Mother Mary never leaves my side in the same way that  she walked and stayed with Jesus through his crucifixion.

Not only should I have a twinkle in my eye, but I should be joyful to be a part of the Catholic faith and should embrace my crosses and smile because I have saints and angels interceding for me and watching over me.

So, in the end, these little ones taught me how blessed I was to be chosen to evangelize them and be God's’ messenger in spite of my faults.

Copyright 2015 Elizabeth Desiderato.
Photo by Kymme via Morguefile.