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On Monday, January 5, Real Life Radio (RLR) launched a new app-delivered and live-stream Catholic radio network. Among that new line-up was an eager albeit novice radio host - aka me – Allison Gingras. Nine months earlier, I had launched a very local recorded weekly radio show called Catholic 24/7. Catholic 24/7 consisted each week of sharing the Catholic faith in our everyday life, introduced a new Catholic music artist and ended with a community calendar. When I was contacted by Leo Brown to consider joining the new RLR line up, my first reaction was,  “Wow! That is amazing. Thank you, but um, NO!”  However, since there was something rather remarkable (I am going with the Holy Spirit here) about my name even reaching him, I agreed to bring my decision to prayer, more specifically Eucharistic Adoration. It was clear, within seconds of my knees hitting the floor, that God was calling me to step into live daily national radio.

My first task was to create a new show. While I loved the Catholic 24/7 format, something nudged in my heart that I was being called to something different. The very local feel of the weekly show, would not fit this new exciting platform. So, it was back to Adoration, the quiet and closeness with Jesus in front of the Blessed Sacrament, is where I formulate my best ideas. It is fairly easy to surmise why! As I sat praying, the Holy Spirit reminded me of many experiences and interests that would come together rather nicely for a very unique program – a degree in English, a great LOVE for books, a serious gift of gab, and a heart for the Catholic faith equaled a show featuring Catholic Books (also an occasional movie, video, and of course, App) and Authors. I then took to the Scriptures - where various verses and additional Holy Spirit inspirations - led me to choose a name for my new show: “A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras.” To me it said it all; so much of my time is spent searching for God with my intellect but when I ponder the Scriptures, I am reminded how He is truly found is with my heart.

The format of A Seeking Heart is very simple – I wanted to create an on-air Catholic book club. I am passionate about developing faith communities and found a special connectivity power exists in good books.  Although I am blessed with special guests such as Sarah Reinhard and Pete Socks who visit each month to review books; and Cristina Trinidad who enlightens me on all things social media, the show primarily focuses on only one book each week.  We are blessed at the end of each week, typically Fridays, to spend the entire hour chatting with that book’s author, when they can also take listener's calls.

It airs on through the live stream (or download the handy-dandy App available for both iOS and Android) daily at 10 a.m. (ET). Being live allows for callers (855-949-1380) – fulfilling my desire to make A Seeking Heart interactive (archives are available at on within a day of airing). Live and taking callers two things I told God I would never do! Why I’ve not learned that God seems to take my ‘no, never’ as a challenge - is far beyond me, but honestly I am so grateful He does! My whole life is a testament to St. Paul’s teaching, “When you are weak, God is strong” sentiment!

My very first guest, was a no-brainer – as nervous as I was one thing was sure - I needed a very friendly interviewee and Lisa Hendey gratefully agreed. I kicked off that inaugural week with The Grace of Yes, and gratefully A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras has continued chugging along! I hope you will stop by and visit with me either live 10 a.m. ET daily or through the podcast archives! YOU truly never know where the Holy Spirit is going to take us!

You can catch my very first interview with the always-gracious Lisa Hendey below:  

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