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It has been the wettest, coldest summer that almost anyone remembers here in central Ohio. As I type, in what normal people would call the middle of the night, there is a light show in the skies that I'm shocked doesn't have at least one kid cuddling with me. There's still first-cutting hay sitting in the fields, uncut, and the niggling worry that it could be a rough crop year and/or livestock year (hay should have been cut TWICE by now!).

This summer, though, has marked a highlight for Reading Mom Sarah. Though I haven't been able to lose myself in the piles of books the way I'd like to, my ten-year-old has finally reached the point of FINISHING BOOKS.

(Pause for rejoicing.)

On Friday, I received a package that contained copies of Lisa Hendey's new Chime Travelers books. By Sunday afternoon, she had read both of them. "I can't put these down, Mom!" she kept saying to me...and I didn't mind. "They're REALLY good."

On Monday afternoon, she borrowed the next few Lemony Snicket books from a friend. So in case you wondered how the Chime Travelers books rate with real kids (as opposed to us old reviewer moms), there you go: right up there with some of my personal favorites. :)

Now, on with what *I* have been reading!

0714 Weekly Book Talk

Recent Reads


Sadly, I have not finished anything. I have, however, STARTED a new book...

Current Reads

Divine Mercy for Moms: Sharing the Lessons of St. Faustina, by Michele Faehnle and Emily Jaminet (Ave Maria Press, expected publication Spring 2016)

This is a book that I think will do a lot of good. I can't wait to share more about it when it comes out. I know one of the authors rather well, and she is one of those amazing "can you be a real person?" kind of people. Reading this book, I'm inspired and even a little motivated. It's been a pretty fast read, but I think it's intended to be one of those "sinking in" books...and I hope that, when I revisit the final version, it DOES sink in!

A Book of Uncommon Prayer: 100 Celebrations of the Miracle & Muddle of the Ordinary, by Brian Doyle (Sorin Books, 2014)

I started this book for Lent and have meandered through it, a few prayers at a time. It is, hands down, my very favorite prayer book. I sure hope Brian Doyle has other prayer books out there, because this book has changed and impacted my prayer and turned it into more of a conversation. It has also made me look around the world, close up, and thank God really and truly, with regular old words and phrases.

Confessions, by St. Augustine

The book I love to hate. I'll admit: I let Divine Mercy for Moms distract me from my pretty regular reading of it. I wrote about it a bit over at the Catholic Spiritual Direction Book Club, and I need to get myself back into the groove of reading it. Pro: it's broken up into small, readable chapters. Also: it's not hugely hard reading. Until you start thinking about it. And then realize your brain is tiny and small. However: yes, you should read it.

Up Next


If the galley copy of Raymond Arroyo's book comes, I can't guarantee that I will get anything else done.

Barring that, I'm probably going to pick up either the next Land of Stories book (which my ten-year-old has been teasing me with for at least a month) or that novel my niece gave me a YEAR ago. (Because yes, those things trump the paying gigs. When the kids in my life are asking me to read, I need to make the time for it!)

Other Books Worth Mentioning

If you're looking for summer reading, might I suggest Specter? Be warned: I couldn't put it down.

If you're a foodie, or you know a foodie, or you just like to look at pretty pictures and be inspired, check out the Catholic Foodie's book. Disclaimer: I have drooled ALL OVER my copy. (And then I gave it to a certain friend who I hope will make me lots of samples...)

What have YOU been reading lately?

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