The Fathers Love_CoverThe Father's Love tells the story of a filmmaker named Sarah who has moved to New York City to pursue her career goals. She then meets the man of her dreams and becomes infatuated with him. Due to her father's leaving when she was young, she ignores the signs of her failing relationship and tries to fill a void with the wrong type of affection. Her love interest, Reece, may seem charming and handsome, but she is blind to the truth. She falls fast and hard only to find heartbreak in the end.

The lesson of forgiveness is shown through Sarah's discovering that she has to forgive her father for leaving in order to find real love through God and love relationships. In order for Sarah to move on, she must heal her brokenness from the past.

This movie is appropriate for older teens and adults due to some of the adult topics that are addressed. It brings up good talking points for teenagers about finding a true mate. The mistakes Sarah makes in her love life can bring to light some questions and discussions to have with your teens related to the movie.

Overall, the movie was an enjoyable film and it was very true to life. We do make mistakes and see things differently than they actually are due to past hurts in life. It shows how much we need to forgive others as God forgives us in order to move on. How willing are you to forgive and let God heal you?

Copyright 2015  Tanya Weitzel

Art Photography:  The Father's Love DVD Cover, Used with Permission.  Copyright 2014, LoveLight Pictures LLC.