Editor's Note: Our own Judith Costello introduces her new coloring book, designed to help people enter into a different type of prayer experience. Learn more through the video she shares here. --Barb


Who hasn't enjoyed a few blessed moments coloring alongside your toddlers? But then they scribble over the image and are ready to be done with this activity. Sad face!

sacred images coloring bookI would like you to know that it's OK to slow down and color on your own! In fact, doing this will encourage the kids to take a bit more time to explore what they can do when they color. That's why I created Sacred Images: A Coloring Book for Prayer. This process can become a way of "praying twice"...you meditate on a holy image while exploring our God-given gift of creativity!

For my coloring book, I have in mind that you will do more than fill in spaces with color. There are open spaces and that's where you can add designs that reflect your own connection to the images. Does that sound intimidating? It isn't really. Just like you doodle while talking on the phone, you can doodle while talking on the heavenly phone line of prayer!

I created the video you see here to help you get started! You can order my coloring book on Amazon or on my website at Unwind Studio. And of course, you can practice these ideas on any coloring book your children already have! Use repeated lines, circles, triangles or spirals. But I'm getting ahead of myself... Rowdy, the kitten, is ready to teach you how to "unwind" with art.

Copyright 2015 Judith Costello. All rights reserved. Copyright 2015 Judith Costello. All rights reserved.


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Copyright 2015 Judith Costello.
Image copyright 2015 Judith Costello. All rights reserved.