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This summer I discovered that I am gluten and wheat sensitivefor an avid beer lover this was devastating news. Instead of sulking (for long), I decided to use this as an opportunity to explore new adult beverage options. I hit Pinterest and Google in search for Gluten Free beverages. I was so excited to find Boathouse Spiked Seltzeralso low in calories, which is always a plus!
As a lifelong New Englander, I love the taste of Cranberry and visiting Cape Cod, maybe why the Cape Cod Cranberry quickly became my favorite. It is delicious on its own but found adding these little extras (especially the frozen cranberries - keeps your drink cold without diluting the cocktail) made this yummy treat even better.


Copyright 2015 Allison Gingras. All rights reserved.
Copyright 2015 Allison Gingras. All rights reserved.


New England Gluten Free Grown Up Beverage

1 can Boathouse Spiked Seltzer - Cape Cod Cranberry
Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice (I prefer the Diet or Diet Lime variety)
Lime to garnish

Pour 1/2 can into a class and then add Cranberry Juice to taste. If desired, you can make 2 servings by placing in a larger container. Lime is an excellent addition - coat the rim, squeeze and drop in!
Serve over ice for an extra refreshing cocktail on a hot day OR freeze cranberries to add to your glass!
Copyright 2015 Allison Gingras.
Photo copyright 2015 Allison Gingras. All rights reserved.