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Sixteen years ago, as I looked forward to my wedding day, I never thought about my faith, my husband-to-be wasn't even a Catholic. I never once game thought to anything but,  "I am dong what my parents expect, a Catholic wedding with all the bells and whistles." Not once did I consider anything besides going with the flow and giving my parents what they wanted. I wanted to make them proud.

I remember being happy that I was going to marry in the church I attended as a kid, where I had received my Sacraments. To me that was special. I didn't think of bringing kids into the marriage because, well, that just wasn't going to happen. I was not going to have to worry about that because I wasn't going to be a mom, and what was I going to do with a baby anyway? I had helped my parents with my sisters and I did not need to experience that (parenting) again.

Fast forward 16 years: Hi, my name is Nelly, and I want to say that God had plans for me and I am so in love with the path he had chosen for me. I never saw my life playing out the way it has; guess that's why we have to trust Him. Who knew that I would become the one thing I never dreamed of becoming: a mom! Then, I actually did what my parents taught me and what I vowed on my wedding day: raise the child Catholic. Then, the one thing that I could have never predicted: my husband became...A CATHOLIC!

This man of God has become my spiritual leader, a man of faith that doesn't shy away from defending his faith. A faith that he absolutely loves! The fire in his heart is so fierce it is contagious! When God is at the center of your world you have it all. Well, I wanted it all too. His joy was so infectious and I wanted what he had. Go figure, the cradle Catholic wanted what the newbie Catholic had. Eventually, I caught some of his fire.

Thanks to him I have been pushed to do things in the church I would never have dreamed of doing. He has guided me through so much in the the past six years, simply through his love of Christ. The first time he asked me to pray with him, I was caught off guard. So much that I was shy and wanted to ask if he was crazy, but the look of sincerity in his eyes had me saying yes. Who knew that praying with your spouse could be so beautiful and intimate.  I look forward to prayer with him, my favorite thing to do with him is attend mass and receive communion.

It brings me so much joy to see him active in our parish. Seeing his fire for Christ and the work he does for Him keeps me motivated and active. I want to be his partner in this journey and support him in his calling.  Who knew that marrying a non-Catholic would bring me closer to Christ? I would not change our faith journey for anything the world; I can't wait to see where our love for our church leads us.


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