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Last night I read a short story, The Last Leaf by O. Henry. It was one of my daughter's homework assignments. I enjoy reading her short stories and poems. Sometimes I wish I had been a literature teacher. The PDF of the story is online; it is only about 10 pages, and completely worth the read! You could do it on your lunch break.

The story was precious. My daughter asked if I could name the theme of the story. I believe it is this: one's masterpiece of a life is not always what others expect it to be. The mother and others thought that the masterpiece would be a painting, but instead that masterpiece was a gift of his life for another.

In our society we place labels, stereotypes, and, expectations on others constantly. He should be a doctor. She should be a teacher. We have this tendency to put people into boxes, categorizing people by their characteristics. We like to have nice, neat, organized expectations of others. What we neglect to realize is that God has greater plans for each of us. God has not preplanned our lives but God knows what choices we will make. God has bestowed upon us many traits, talents, and unique characteristics to help complement our world and to bring each of us to fulfillment in His love. God doesn't see us in boxes. God created us knowing that our lives would complete His masterpiece. Each one of us has a part to play in each stroke of God's brush. God is the master painter and we are part of his greatest work. His hopes for us are beyond any box anyone could place us in as well as the boxes we confine ourselves within daily.

Today, open your mind, heart, and, soul to one another. Disassemble the boxes and allow people to grow, create, and, be guided by God to be more than they believe they can be. Consider the endless possibilities of what God can do with your life to help you become all that He knows you can be, a masterpiece of His wondrous creation. Because one’s masterpiece of a life is not always what others expect it to be.

Copyright 2015 Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp
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