image credit pixabay tookapic Image by tookapic (2015) via Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain.

Many days this month I found myself being negative, using a negative tone of voice, or just not seeing the good in anything. I thought of what it could be, maybe the health issues I’ve been dealing with, lack of sleep? And the list went on and on.

I prayed about it, asking God and all the saints in heaven to guide me and help be with my case of the “blahs” but after prayer it just seemed to be the same thing. I didn’t like this person I was becoming that made everything a trial and “oh no, here we go again.”

So recently I began to see the glass of my life half-full or even completely full! That was a huge change from the person who couldn’t find anything positive anywhere. This was huge. I actually felt a pep in my step. How? Why?

The answer was prayer. My family and friends who are my prayer warriors prayed for me. I will often send a text that simply says “pray for me; I need it.” Fortunately for me, they do. They pray for me in a way that I can’t pray for myself. They are the warriors who join with all those saints and angels in heaven to battle against that evil called “negativity.”

Negativity can ruin your life. It can turn you into the person God did not create you to be. I want to be the person who is thankful and grateful for everything God has given me from the health I have to the job I go to every day. The list of blessings can go on and on.

So this November, I won’t wait for a holiday to say thank you to God and all those around me; instead, I will do it every day. I will pray that I will always see the glass half-full with the cross he has asked me to carry, and happily follow him.

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