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Today's Gospel: Luke 2:36-40

Here is Anna, a woman praying for the world for the remainder of her life, giving herself to the Church. Her part seems so small in the big picture, but she is really the meat and potatoes of what our world needs. Her life isn’t full of glory and fame; there isn’t any money or earthly perks involved in this way of life, but if not for her life, how different would our world be? This gospel, I think, is the precursor of religious life for women. It is a key role that may look small and mundane, but who could ever know what the world would be like without our religious, praying women? Prayer is powerful; all over the world there are groups of men and women praying for you and me, for peace, for mercy, and for God’s protection. Yes, there are things that are still going dreadfully wrong, but without the prayers of these devoted religious people, how would our world survive? Look again at Anna; do you see how joyful she is? Do you see how devoted she is in a life of fasting and prayer? She does not seem sad, starved, depressed, or lonely; rather she praises her God and rejoices in seeing the baby Jesus. Men and women of religious service are happy and joyful people. Their faith is unwavering as Anna’s was, and their hope is in their heavenly Father. What a testament Anna is to those discerning the call of our Lord!


Do you have a daughter or son in your home that may be called to religious life? Are you being called to serve? Are you brave enough to take the next step? What is the next step?


Dear Jesus, you chose each of your disciples for a reason, help us to know how you have chosen us. Open our hearts and minds to your call. Also, please help us to know how to respond as parents of a called child. We want to know, love, and serve you! Amen.

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