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Today's Gospel: John 3, 22-30

“He must increase; I must decrease.”

These words from today’s Gospel recently emerged from my spiritual director to me as a way to help me sort through a conflicting situation. He’d just listened to my lamentation over discovering my more subdued role in a project that first had me front and center. I was troubled mainly because I no longer felt as certain of my role as I had, and I yearned to play a more integral part. In moments, the change felt crushing, or at the very least, threatened my pride. And yet I knew deep down that God’s will always results in maximum peace. If only He would be clearer about what that will is!

Despite my ego’s propensity to want to take center stage, when I truly reflect on John’s words, a calm comes over me. In his humble example of stepping aside for a greater good, I am reminded that there will be chances for me to shine for Christ, and other times when I’ll be asked to let others be the candle while I simply reflect it.

It’s easy for me to see this in the context of being a mother. When my children have opportunities to shine, I am all too happy to decrease for that greater and beautiful good that fills my soul with joy. How much more should I be willing to let God take over where I lack in the building of His kingdom, since His increase adds exponential joy to the world, and in turn to me?


How can I intentionally avail myself to the open stance needed to bring God’s will more clearly into view each day? Might dropping to my knees daily be part of it?


Dear Lord, help me to know with more clarity when I’m to be the candle, and when I’m to simply reflect the light coming from another source to others.


Copyright 2016 Roxane B. Salonen

Roxane B. Salonen, a wife and mother of five from Fargo, N.D., is an award-winning children’s author and freelance writer who also enjoys Catholic radio hosting and speaking. Roxane co-authored former Planned Parenthood manager Ramona Trevino’s memoir, Redeemed by Grace. Her work is featured on her website, Peace Garden Passage.