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We've survived a ten-day unintentional winter break. We've dug out. Real life returned today.

I have to say, I feel incredibly relaxed, really at deep peace because we got the week of not going anywhere. I didn't know how much I needed to just stop and not have to go anywhere until we couldn't go anywhere. Normally, looking at a week with my husband away for two nights and three extra evening meetings would make me weak in the knees.

But I got ten days of Sunday, ten days of only caring for my family, of no obligations to the outside world that we could meet. We couldn't go to basketball practice or haircuts or ...well, I did go to the dentist, but we didn't do much other than dig out and spend time together playing games, watching movies, reading books, cooking meals and putting all the mittens in the dryer. It was still time and like summer but with everyone, including my husband. It was wonderful. I love the silence snow brings, and the forced stillness of a world bathed in white stuff (as long as I get to stay inside and only appreciate it without driving).

Bring on the next blizzard!

Copyright 2016 Sherry Antonetti

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