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What do you see when you look at these desks?

In these desks students sit, sleep, learn, day dream, listen, take notes, gain knowledge, argue, gossip, fall in love, face reality, feel restrained, feel set free, laugh, cough, yawn, yearn, and become older.

We, as adults, have sat in those desks. We, as Americans, forget how privileged we are to have this education system. In many parts of the world these desks are just a dream, a hope for the future of their youth. To those who have no education these desks are an opportunity to break the cycle of poverty. These desks hold the key to a future of living. We are so fortunate to have these desks, those teachers, this curriculum, and a government to support this system.

To many American children these desks are a symbol of the denial of a child's freedom; those are the children who have not been exposed to the global world. In reality these desks will give our youth the ability to think critically, collaborate constructively, create abundantly, and navigate a future that will provide for others and add to the common good. Our students are not sitting in these desks to learn one subject: Math, Science, History, or English, but to understand patterns, think outside of self, learn from the past, embrace the world, and engage fully in their own humanity. Our education system in the purest sense is not just a way to obtain a lucrative career. Education is to open the mind, and bring us to our full human potential, to give us the ability to learn how to learn anything and everything in life.

In these desks our minds are made ready to be trained to become the unique talented, generous, children of God who will build up and co-create the Kingdom of God on this earth.

Copyright 2016 Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp