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No time to cook? Mary Lou Rosien proves you can have a simple meatless dinner on the table in only 5 minutes. Try her Veggie Udon Soup for Meatless Friday.

This simple soup requires only 5 ingredients and only 5 minutes of prep time!


Copyright 2016 Mary Lou Rosien. All rights reserved.


Veggie Udon Soup

1 small package frozen udon noodles
1 small package frozen veggie pot stickers
I carton (32 fl ounces) vegetable stock
1 package frozen Asian veggies
1 package frozen mushrooms
*Soy sauce to taste
Cook udon noodles in veggie stock.  Add frozen mushrooms and veggies. Add frozen pot stickers and cook five more minutes at medium heat. Add soy sauce to your preferred taste.


Copyright 2016 Mary Lou Rosien.
Photo copyright 2016 Mary Lou Rosien, all rights reserved