Cleansed, a look at pornography from a Christian perspective, underscores its dangers and offers practical solutions

A new book, Cleansed, that examines the phenomenon of pornography use in modern culture from a Catholic perspective, offers hope for change, publisher Pauline Books and Media announced today.

Author and campus minister Marcel LeJeune presents evidence of the addictive and destructive power of pornography and provides resources and suggestions for keeping homes and families safe from it. “Porn offers an imaginary relationship,” says LeJeune. “Other persons are never to be used.”

By proposing personal strategies for emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing—that include frequent reception of the sacraments, the practice of fasting, and professional counseling—this book offers a practical, honest guide for a concrete plan toward healing and hope.

Readers will find hope and solid help for beginning a path of healing, rooted in the Church’s belief in the dignity of humanity’s God-given sexuality. Being cleansed from pornography restores relationships within families and between individuals and God, and this book can help anyone feeling hopeless about their addiction.

“This is an important and timely addition to the Catholic literature on the topic,” says publisher Sister Mark Wickenhiser. “It not only presents the problem but offers concrete and practical solutions from someone who’s been on the front lines of helping those who struggle with this addiction.”

Cleansed is published on the heels of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ pastoral response to pornography, Create in Me a Clean Heart, which reads in part, “Some have even described [pornography] as a public health crisis. Everyone, in some way, is affected by increased pornography use in society. We all suffer negative consequences from its distorted view of the human person and sexuality.”

Cleansed is available through online booksellers, including directly from the publisher’s website, as well as through local bookstores everywhere.


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About Marcel LeJeune: Assistant Director at St. Mary's Catholic Center at Texas A&M University, the largest campus ministry in the country, LeJeune is a sought-after speaker and author of Set Free to Love: Lives Changed by the Theology of the Body (Servant Books). He has contributed to three other books and written numerous articles, and is a regular guest on national radio programs and EWTN TV. For more on Marcel LeJeune, go to


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