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In His Mercy God has sent us Angels. That same God has also sent us children. Some days, my angels and I  feel very outnumbered by me and my kids! Mike Aquilina shares some very amazing but little-known advice to help sway the balance of “power” when we are with our children. He shares a powerful story, one most parents, especially of teenagers, can relate. That moment that you feel they are maybe slipping away from the family or the faith, or that you are about to face one more heartbreaking time with their rebellion or push-back. [Side note – toddler parents will totally understand that last one as well]. When all you long for is peace and harmony for them and with them (…oh so hard not to write "and IN them" here… but I digress).

Mike shares the beautiful truth of angels; they are spirit, and we can commune and communicate with them on that spiritual level.  Without words, as our child is storming or sauntering towards us, we can address and engage their Guardian Angel. As Mike wisely recommends, silently in your heart (and head), might be a better tactic – plus we don’t want the kids on to our strategies. You never tip off the opponent to how you plan to win the game! AND for the record, I do plan to win this battle because it is far more important than any game I have ever participated in. Without being overly dramatic – it is quite simply a matter of life (everlasting) and death.

So you engage your child’s Guardian Angel first, and then you have tipped the scales to three against one. All of you want the same thing for your child – heaven. Mike reminded me that angel means “messenger” and that angels are all about communicating. They were quite simply created to communicate. God’s version of “Instant Messenger,” heavenly messaging is quicker and clearer than anything we could ever type or say ourselves. Angels and teenagers do not suffer from a generation or cultural gap – the angelic intelligence overcomes all the barriers we as parents must push through. Mike puts it so simply when he says that angels are part of our families too. They are a mediator between heaven and earth; and between parents and teens. I am not sure some days which gap is wider or which veil is thicker.

The task of parenting can feel impossible, but it was so refreshing and encouraging being reminded in the Catholic Conference 4 Moms video how God gives us all the tools we need to succeed. Our ultimate goal for our children is also God’s -- it is sainthood. He does not leave us to flounder and figure it out, to worry and waste time in worry. He wants us all to be with him and the angels in heaven together forever, and I for one was so glad that Mike Aguilina was included in this conference to remind me of that great mercy God shows by sending us ALL angel helpers!

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