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Last month, when I was writing about the Post-it® Plus app, I visited 3M's site for some visuals.

Oh. My. Goodness.

It's a good thing it was a lightly scheduled Friday. Stationery and organization -- two of my favorite things -- in one site.

So many colors. So many good ideas. So many clicks. I even did something I rarely do -- I signed up for Post-it® Perks to receive e-mails and offers.

Right after I downloaded some coupons.

If you think Post-it® Notes are just for reminders and shopping lists, think again. Chances are very good that once you visit this site, you'll never look at those colorful, sticky bits of paper the same way again.


Here are a few ideas I particularly liked, direct from the site:

  • Monitor small successes. Start a busy day of work events or meetings by writing each to-do on a Post-it® Note. Remove each one as you accomplish it.

  • Schedule -- with kids. Give your kids Post-it®  Notes to use to add their events to the family calendar. You can even color code by kid.

  • Start a new habit. Use Post-it® Notes to create a habit calendar like the one above.

  • Get creative. Write a novel using  Post-it® Notes. Create a pinwheel garden. Use  Post-it® Notes when you scrapbook. Seriously. These are all on the site.

Yes, I know. I'm starting to sound like a Post-it® commercial, but I'm just so excited! If you're a visual person, you're sure to find at least one idea on this site to help you organize and plan life and its many events.

This is almost enough to make me stop hoarding my Post-it® Notes for "special" tasks.

Are you already a Post-it® Notes lover? What's your favorite use? And do you color code?

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