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Today's Gospel: John 14, 27-31A

Goodbyes can be so bittersweet. It’s lovely to see our children grow up, yet it’s difficult as they prepare to head off to college or a new job thousands of miles away… or to begin their lives as newlyweds even in the same town. When loved ones pass away, we find some comfort in knowing they are with the Lord and that their suffering has ended, yet the passing leaves a void in our hearts and our daily routines. It’s also painful when we are the ones leaving to take our lives in a new direction, even when we believe we are being guided by the Lord.

Imagine, then, the confusion of the apostles at the Last Supper. What joy were they to find in their friend leaving, and what did he mean that he would be back? So many of the things he had said were difficult to understand.

But Jesus was faithful to his promise. He did return. And as we face the goodbyes in our own lives, may we always be confident that while our earthly lives always will be filled with change, we have the Lord as a constant.


Where is God asking you to accept a separation, temporary or long term? Pray for the faith to do this with a loving heart and soul.


Lord, help me to find peace in my obedience to you.


Copyright 2016 Melanie Rigney

Melanie Rigney is the author of Blessed Are You: Finding Inspiration from Our Sisters in Faith and is a contributor to Living Faith. Visit her at melanierigney.com.