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It's May! We had 10 nine-year-old Ninjas at our home this weekend. They played Ninja, Capture the Flag, Musical Chairs, threw origami shuriken (created by the 12-year-old brother), ate pizza, whacked a piñata of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, colored the driveway and feasted on cupcakes. They had a blast.

Ninjas were on three teams. They had to prove themselves in all sorts of contests, including hula hoops.
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One daughter came home from college. She helped with the coordination of the games. I spent much of the weekend sleeping. Why? I got sick. I could watch. I could direct, but to quote the Princess Bride, I had no strength. Even walking from one room to another left me winded.

A steady diet of steroids, antibiotics and breathing treatments and while I'm not breathing easy yet, I'm breathing easier. It's a long hard process. However, my daughters had fun with my needing to sleep.

They made a video for their "spa" where they give foot rubs, paint nails and play gentle music while you lie on a blanket. They filmed me sleeping in my bed as proof of how relaxing it is. I can't quite bring myself to delete it, but by the same token, I can't bring myself to post it either.

We have one more birthday party to celebrate before Birthdaypalooza comes to a close. We also have Prom and exams and summer jobs to get and all the ordinary stuff we're supposed to do. I have two girls preparing for a 5K in two weeks and I'm supposed to run with one of them. I'd hoped to get into shape, running a 5K 4 days out of the week in preparation for the big run May 22nd. However, I'm off the treadmill and exercise routine until at least Friday.

The small successes for this week, recovering...

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