Courtesy of Catholic Virtual School. All rights reserved. Courtesy of Catholic Virtual School. All rights reserved.

Do you want to give your kids a Catholic education, despite not living close to a Catholic school or being unable to afford the tuition? Thanks to Catholic Virtual, a fully accredited K-12 online Catholic program, you can!

As an online program, Catholic Virtual is not limited by the geographic boundaries of brick and mortar education. If you're concerned about finances, the school generously offers scholarships to families who need them; this allows your children to have the highest quality faith-based education without your finances getting in the way.

Catholic Virtual offers everything students need to be successful in their academics. We coach your child to set life goals while helping them to understand more about living their faith in today's world. We offer summer courses to students who need to make up a class, or to those who are interested in Latin, Religion, Advanced Placement, and the most engaging electives. Whether your students need full-time or part-time enrollment we offer everything for Kindergarten through high school graduation.

Most of Catholic Virtual's religious education curriculum was developed by Dr. Stephen Marques Matuszak of Ave Maria University. Here is what he had to say about his involvement with Catholic Virtual:

"We have spent the past five years working with a team to develop online courses and catechetical texts in hopes that we can inspire young people to devote their lives to praising and glorifying Him. I have enjoyed lecturing in Moral Theology at St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary, and the Institute for Pastoral Theology of Ave Maria University, and serving as the President of the Fides CatholicApostolate, all in hopes of better equipping our young people to witness to the Gospel…”

Here are some students who find Catholic Virtual's programs particularly helpful:

  • Student athletes -our program is NCAA-approved.
  • International Students - enjoy the flexibility of accessing our content anywhere across the globe and have the opportunity to earn an American High School Diploma.
  • Homeschool Students - appreciate the quality of our content!
  • Advanced Students - take courses that are not offered at their regular high school.
  • Students who need support – take courses that they need to make up so that they aren’t left behind next year

Being a Catholic parent isn't easy these days. With an increasingly secular culture and worldly influences, it's more important than ever that parents take an active role in passing along the faith to our children. Our Catholic Virtual program is trusted by all to be faithful to the magisterium of the Catholic Church, passing along the timeless values of our faith in Jesus Christ.

If you are interested in learning more about Catholic Virtual, visit their website at, call 1.844.301.8763, or send an email to Be sure to mention the CatholicMom blog for a special 20% discount.

About the author: Caterina Angelone is C.E.O. of Virtual Schools of Excellence, a network of accredited, Independent Private and Faith-Based Virtual Programs. Trina is an experienced, executive level leader in the virtual and educational space, experiences including serving as Founder of CSK12, the International Catholic Virtual School, Principal for the highly acclaimed University of Miami Online High School, UM Global Academy, experience in Public School District and Site Administration, in addition to Faith-Based and Independent Private School Leadership.