Title.jpgxxxx Mother And Child by Mary Cassatt, 1889 via Wikiart.org, Public Domain.

A call to motherhood which confounds the wise,

which confounds the mentality of Western Society.

I too was surprised to discover

life and joy in the ordinary.

Years ago, a mother to four little ones I was worried

Actually frantic.

Was I pregnant yet again?

Suddenly the divine pierced through my cloud of  conflicting emotions,

As a mystical blanket of peace

wrapped around me.

Infused Joy,

A burst of inner Light,

I was beaming, stifling laughter


I heard words within,

In my heart-


"This is you call.

This is your vocation.

This is your witness to the world."

Confusion. I was incredulous and stuttered,

"People don't understand,

They think we are irresponsible

I look foolish."

A whispered answer,

"You will be a witness to

Life and Joy. 

and I will be with you."

A Call to Mother a Large Family

That was it for me,

I said,


To Life



Inexplicable Joy.



Copyright 2016 Melanie Jean Juneau