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Christina Noble is an Irishwoman who has been through tough times. She lost her mother to tuberculosis as a child, lived in the slums of Dublin, and was taken away from her alcoholic father. She became a ward of the state and the Catholic Church. Through her difficult moments, she often visits her priest or church for prayer or just plain anger with God. This movie is based on a true story and remains real in the sense that she has her dark times and waywardness with God, just like the rest of us.

During her teenage years, she suppresses much of the past and finds out that she is with child after being raped. As much as she yearns to keep her child, the nuns had had her sign paperwork upon entering the convent in order to put her baby up for adoption. This event is a deep wound that will never completely heal and leaves a mark on her heart for children who are unloved.

In 1989, Christina arrives in Ho Chi Minh City, as a tourist in her forties, and immediately her heart breaks for the children on the streets. She does not want to see the little girls be used physically and emotionally and decides to stand against the injustice. After being granted a three-month tourist visa, she starts a shelter, but she must find a local partner to help fund and build her dream in that short period of time.

The film's portrayal of Christina is true to life for a Catholic heroine. She might not always trust God, but she converses with him throughout the movie. Sometimes she asks for things, other times she yells, but she still knows he loves her deep down. This movie is inspirational and has a beautiful story to tell. Noble is a movie for families with middle-school-aged or older children due to some of the topics that come up, such as rape. God is definitely at the core of Christina Noble's incredible adventure, and it makes one wonder how far one's own faith would go. Christina never gives up on God or herself. How much do you trust God to be with you through it all?

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