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We are getting ready for school. We are packing up two children for college. I am trying to get everyone who let everything go they didn't want to deal with until August to remember, "IT IS AUGUST!!!!" and we as usual, are not quite where I hoped we'd be. There are still reports to be written, workbooks to finish, and I've only lost 2 of the 8 pounds I'd hoped to drop over the summer. We started cleaning the basement. It looks like a Lego factory exploded. No one stays down there working for more than an hour without being tempted to despair.

Still, we have progress! I can see the floor. The son who picked the biggest book and is the slowest to complete novels can smell the end of the story. He's fifty pages from the finish line. I've put out a promise for a full day at the pool once everyone gets finished with their summer work. Caveat? We have to have NOT started school yet.

The oven comes today!!! Huzzah! Even I, grill master, queen of bbq, lover of all meaty goodness made over a live fire, is tired of that charred taste at every meal. We've been without a working oven since May. I long for baked anything at this point.

My husband and I got a date night for our 26th wedding anniversary. We even ate dessert. (It accounts for not having lost three pounds, but it was delicious).

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Small Successes are about finding the progress in the chaos, and seeing hope. I see hope. This has been a joyful summer. It will be a joyful fall.  I am looking forward to all of it. School starts. Schedules will return. The kids will have to go to bed! They won't be able to say, "But, Mom, the Olympics are on!" or "There's a meteor shower!" or "We've all been working on this tent all day and want to sleep in it." However, I will say, this summer has been a lot of fun, a lot of silly, irresponsible kid kind of fun, reading on hammocks, eating ice cream for dinner, and playing cards deep into the night. I hope they remember the summer of 2016 fondly, even if I've put them off of barbecue for a while by the endless menu.

Happy Small Success Thursday!


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