I received “When Calls the Heart: Troubled Hearts” compliments of Word Films and Edify Media Inc. for my honest review. As the second DVD of Season 3, it consists of two episodes of Janette Oke's book based series. In these episodes, Elizabeth comes into her own as an independent woman who decides to rent and fix up her own house. Jack offers to help, but she instead finds little jobs for him to do so she can focus on the real manual labor. Abigail has trouble with Cody as he adjusts to making friends at a new school. Pastor Frank is approached by Jesse asking him to come back to his old ways. Abigail gets caught in the middle of the drama as Jesse prints up wanted posters all over town of the former “Matt Landry.” Bill Avery takes over as a “silent partner” for Abigail's cafe and agrees to let her run it her own way.

The relationship between Jack and Elizabeth is a joy to watch unfold. A new love buds between Abigail and Pastor Frank as Jesse tries to put a stop to it for his own benefits. The characters are always growing and changing. Even Rosemary learns to trust Lee in his business adventures instead of putting her nose where it doesn't belong. Clara, who has been living with and working for Abigail, starts falling for Jesse's charm without realizing what type of man he truly is.

Bill's offer to buy out Mr. Gowen's share of the cafe shows his concern for what the potential buyer, Mr. Humphries, would have done to Abigail's creativity of her own business. They put their past behind them and decide to make the business partnership work. Cody and Jack bond over both having lost a father as Jack tries to help Cody understand that he will be able to move on and still love his father forever in his heart.

The characters show great love between them and always try to help one another. They forgive as God forgives and tend not to hold grudges. This DVD series has God and faith at the core of it and shows many great examples of what true love should be. It is an enjoyable show for all ages and can be used as a conversation starter with a family for what God wants love to look like. How many times do you forgive your loved ones?

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