Catholic Mom contributor Jeannie Ewing recently appeared on EWTN's "At Home with Jim and Joy" program to discuss her new book and share her story of having a daughter with a rare disease. We invite you to watch Jeannie's interview here and learn more about her family and how her book can inspire other families experiencing loss. --Barb

Grief, as Jim Pinto explained in his opening comments, has gotten a bad reputation and needs to be reclaimed as something good - a blessing, a gift. I explained how grief occurs whenever changes happen in our lives (even good ones, like our kids entering college or getting married). Grief is that loss or void that happens when we lose something.

The key to understanding how grief is a gift is that the loss empties us and, therefore, is an opportunity for us to be filled with God's grace.  Grief presents us with the challenge to become more, to enter into our mission field.

"From Grief to Grace" by Jeannie Ewing (Sophia Institute Press, 2016)

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I explains this, along with six spiritual principles that will change the way you suffer, in my book From Grief to Grace: The Journey from Tragedy to Triumph, now available at Sophia Institute and Amazon.

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