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Today's Gospel: Luke 9, 57-52

Today's reading in Luke seems harsh! We are not to go back, even to bury our dead? This makes me ponder my own past. A past without a clear understanding of God's laws or an appreciation of Christ's sacrifice for me on the cross, and a past when relationship with the Holy Spirit was not a constant in my spiritual life. I was 'the dead.' Why would I return to a life like that? Why would any Christian?

In my head I know, that through God's grace, within the mercy found in the sacrament of reconciliation, I am forgiven. I am a new creation in Christ! Yet, I sometimes find it hard to move forward in life. My old sins, my old life calls me back. It beckons me to look behind me and feel ashamed for my previous choices.

This reading helps me to remember the gift of a new life in Christ! It instructs me to keep my eyes on the Lord. He is the only focus I will ever need. I will commit myself to the plow in my hand and move forward.


Does an old sin replay in your head, keeping you from true peace in Christ? What should you leave behind?


Lord, help me to recognize sin as distraction and spiritual death. Guide me, so that my gaze is ever toward You and Your peace and not backwards in regret.


Copyright 2016 Mary Lou Rosien

Mary Lou is an author, columnist (Catholicmom.com, dynamicwomenfaith.com and AmazingCatechists.com), 6th grade English teacher and RCIA Coordinator. She has been a catechist off and on for forty years. She and her husband have seven children and a 'foster' son. Spare time is a dream, laundry a reality!