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Keep calm and Catholic on...I know, it's been done, but the reality is that we should wake up every day and be more who we were yesterday, more of who God loved us into being to become.

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As we near Thanksgiving, we should remember, this was always our job whether we knew it or not, because it has always been God's mission for us, to be the hands and feet of His Son, the face of His Son, the voice of His Son, the heart of His Son, to everyone else we meet. Part of learning to be His hands, His feet, His eyes, His voice, is cultivating a spirit of gratitude and discovering how much joy we can gather in a moment.

Small successes are moments we know, when we let ourselves be used by God, or caught God revealing Himself in the details of the every day. I'd forgotten my son's communication device and had to drive back to the house to fetch it. Grumbling, I got back in the car and put it in his backpack. "Are you buckled, Paul?" I asked as I turned to begin getting him in his car seat.

"I'm not," he replied. He said "I'm not" in response to my question.

I reached over to buckle him. "Now you are," and felt a tremble. My son's words, his own voice--we'd had a conversation. I held that joy the rest of the morning.

Amongst other holdable joys, we had the grace of an easy Mass. I knew that grace was to feed me for the week to come. I wrote up the story because I've written loads of stories about struggling with kids at Mass, and frankly, a "plane lands safely" might be something I'd want to have remembered by both them and me.

So this week, more than ever, we need to find those little joys that will hold us, and remind us, our kingdom is not here and the cause of all our joy is not here. Post them, because one of the best ways to make the world kinder is to count your blessings and remind everyone we have much to be thankful for in the ordinary and everyday. Happy Small Success Thursday.

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