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I have taken many different theology and scripture classes over the course of the last 7 years. I have studied the insights of many scriptures and overarching themes. However, I had never heard the concept of the death of Jesus put this way. I am taking a ten-week course on mindful meditation. The priest is excellent, filled with passion, and centered in simply being. He has taught me techniques on meditation and much about the Christian tradition.

Last night his insights befuddled my mind and made it crystal clear all at the same time. He spoke to us about the reason we have the Liturgical year in the Catholic Church. We are walking through the life of Jesus Christ. It starts with the Incarnation, God made flesh. We are to examine that in our lives. We are born with a divine spark that we must nurture and cultivate. We don't know much about the life of Jesus until his baptism, at which time he entered the water and God said, "This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased." There was no doubt that Jesus was keenly aware of his lot in life. Jesus preached this message to all who would listen.

The priest spoke then about the obstacles we have in our lives and the last one led to when Jesus died. He asked us, "When did Jesus the person die?" I thought as you probably are right now, 2000 years ago or so, and on the cross. His answer was that Jesus died in the Garden. When Jesus went to pray and his sweat turned to blood. He asked God to take this cup from him, then said your will be done. The priest said when Jesus died to his own wants, desires, and complete will, he died to himself. He died to himself so that the Christ could live through him, through the journey to the cross, the pain of the crucifixion and the eventual resurrection. He gave his obedience and his life to God the father so that Jesus Christ could rise from the dead. He got out of his own way for God to completely work through his body, soul, and mind.

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If Jesus had said no to the will of God, which he could have done because we have free will, what would have happened?

So, too are we to die to our own desires, and will to live for the will of God in our own lives. As moms we die to our will to care for our children, spouse, and family members. How do we die to our will to accept God? Do we get out of the way so God can use us as an instrument of peace and love, a witness to the love of God in the world today?

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