Catholic author, speaker, retreat leader, and social media consultant Mary DeTurris Poust wants to form a “tribe” of like-minded folks who want to skip the New Year’s resolutions in favor of a “personal revolution” in 2017.

Poust, the author of Cravings: A Catholic Wrestles Food, Self-Image, and God, will be the group’s “cheerleader-in-chief” to help participants focus on reinvigorating spiritual and physical practices such as regular prayer, healthy eating, more exercise, and less distraction during the new year. The tribe will use Poust’s book as a guide.

Cravings: A Catholic Wrestles with Food, Self-Image, and God

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Cravings is about how we fill the empty spaces in our lives with things we don’t really want or need because it’s easier than facing our demons and living our lives with more attention and intention,” Poust said. And it’s not just about food: It can be shopping, alcohol, social media, gossip, gambling, TV, or other activities that get the best of us.

Each week for eight weeks, Poust will focus on a new chapter of the book, posting on her website, Not Strictly Spiritual, and on Facebook and Twitter with discussion and practical exercises. Look for the hashtags #CravingsTribe and #SoulSurvivor. She’s planning Facebook Live events with the community as well. Having a copy of the book is not mandatory to participate in the tribe.

The internal and virtual journey begins TODAY! Find out more on Poust’s website.

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