"The Kitchen Counter" by Elizabeth Desiderato (CatholicMom.com) Via Pixabay (2015), CC0 Public Domain.

I really have been wanting to increase my prayer time, especially in the morning. This has been a challenge because I am a school teacher and have a 10-year-old son, who is not a morning person. In order to make it on time we have to be out the door and in the car by 7 AM. This means that I have to to get up by 6 AM and get my son up and ready to go! I tried saying a quick morning offering and go on about my morning, but it just didn’t seem like it was enough time. I wanted more.

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Then, I tried to read the readings in the morning  but I wasn’t focused.  I was worrying more about what needed to be done. So I decided to get some things done at night, not hit the snooze button and try again. For the last month, it has worked!  I can’t believe it! I do know that this has made a huge difference in the way my day is going to unravel and where my mind and soul are.

Where does this wonderful short prayer time, 5 to 10 minutes, happen? At the kitchen counter in the corner. I have stacked my Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion, the Mother’s Manual, some little prayer books and a journal. It happens there because that is where my routine happens.

As the microwave is cooking my oatmeal I’m saying prayers. When it beeps, I’m saying prayers and then I take it out and continue my time of prayer. The time is not long, but boy, does it make a difference. Even if my son gives me a hard time or traffic is bad, I seem to face the challenge and the day better and with peace. I have given the Lord my day. I have asked him to guide me and to keep my son wrapped in his arms.

My goal is that I can slowly increase this time, with my Lord in the morning. I couldn’t get through the trials of the day without talking to him all day long.

I would love to hear about your prayer time; I love learning from moms who are as busy or busier than I.

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