I recently heard about a story that highlighted Mary’s Visitation to Elizabeth. Like many cradle Catholics, this Bible passage was not new to me. However, as I was listening to a podcast about the Visitation, just last week, something struck me differently. The few words that stood out to me in a way I have never heard them, were “the Almighty has done great things for me . . .”

When I heard these words this time around, I immediately thought about how much faith Mary must have had to be able to articulate her feelings in this way. I try, just for a second, to imagine how I would feel in her shoes at that moment. I know I can’t possibly predict accurately but I humor myself and see how I navigate this exchange. Immediately, the first word that creeps into my thought process is “overwhelmed,” and then onto the idea that this would be a heavy responsibility that I just could not handle. I could sense myself stepping back, knowing I could never do anything that Mary did. She hears the plans for her and accepts them, knowing the gravity and meaning behind them, and then is able to say that the Almighty has done great things for her.

"Learning from Mary's Yes: Confidence in God's Plan" by Meg Bucaro (CatholicMom.com) Photo Credit: Meg Bucaro Copyright 2017 Original painting by Lauren Bullaro

And it got me thinking . . .

How often to I shrink away from an opportunity or a door that was left open, because I do not have the strong enough faith that God is directing me and He knows better than I? Whether it is not speaking up in a meeting, or ignoring that careful push towards a change in career, a leap into a new business venture, or taking on added family responsibility . . . or letting go of some of that responsibility, what is God pushing you to do? Do you believe enough in His view of you, that He knows where you should go next? Do you believe that though you may doubt yourself, you must rely on your faith that God knows more than you ever could and to trust Him, totally?

Mary knew that generations would call her blessed. She knew the gravity of what the angel announced to her and accepted God’s call. We are not Mary, but how can we be more like her?

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I remember when I was thinking that I would not pursue my professional speaking career because I had three young children, was teaching at the local community college and had a husband that was working 11-12 hours a day. However, every time I prayed about it, I grew excited, grateful and would catch myself brainstorming on how to grow the business. Years later, the good Lord would reveal his plans for me, plans that I could not possibly have known previously, that includes a successful speaking business that balances (most days) precious family time.

I often say that it is a cruel joke to ask mothers to let go of control. My goodness, we are usually in control of so much within the family! And then in prayer we ask God to direct us and He asks of us to let go of the steering wheel so he can drive, alone. Knowing better now, I often ask Him to help pry my fingers off the wheel!

What is God asking of you of which you may be hesitating? Do you trust that He knows best? That He is the one nudging you? That He sends the Holy Spirit to whisper ideas into your heart and soul? When you allow doubt and negative talk to creep in, please know that you can rely wholeheartedly on your Lord and Savior when you don’t have the strength to confidently see his plans for you.

What is one step you can take this week, to make way for His plan for you? Will you accept His will for you with strong faith and confidence like Mary?

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