Today's Gospel: Matthew 19:3-12

When I was exploring the teachings of the Catholic Church, I wasn’t convinced. I agreed to go to RICE classes, which I later learned were actually RCIA and stood for a bunch of words I didn’t even care about (but that sounded sorta impressive, all the same), it was just one more “thing.”

Shaking my head. Dumb Christians.

Except…this guy I was dating…wasn’t. And neither was the priest who led those Tuesday night classes.

It was a small group of us. And like anyone with more ego than sense, I wasn’t doing any extra research. Don’t give me the pass that the internet was not what it is: I wouldn’t have looked anyway.

Because I just knew. I was going to the classes, sure, but that. was. it. Nothing extra. If God was so great, he was going to have to hit me over the head.

Just like the Pharisees, I was filled with questions, but they weren’t honest questions. They were trickery, looking for loopholes. I wasn’t sparing God, or the dupes who fell for it.

Father would just start his classes with, “OK, Sarah, what do you have this week?” And I’d fire off whatever clever questions I had cooked up.

They were neither clever nor insightful, I realize as I look back. They were, rather, prideful and asinine. And yet my classmates, my future husband, and that priest patiently listened, answered, listened some more, and answered some more.

Sometimes, you just have to get the questions off your chest. And sometimes it’s in asking that opens up the true answers, the real depth of things.

Don’t be afraid to seek. The answers are there. God is patient with us, and He’s delighted that you’re interested enough to ask.

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What’s on your heart today? Turn those questions and concerns to God in honest dialogue.


Jesus, I’m filled with questions and concerns. Guide me to your answers. Amen.


Copyright 2017 Sarah Reinhard

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