Here we are again, at another Small Success Thursday.

We’ve been at Lent for two weeks now, and this past weekend, my husband took me to Adoration. Somewhere in the sitting, I stopped talking to God about everything, and let God start to wander through my heart. This is the purpose of Lent, to strip away all the noise we use to keep ourselves from hearing God’s voice. For me, Adoration makes it possible to finally remove all the ways I find to not listen. If there’s a word I find fits Lent more than anything else, it’s “silence.” Being silent helps me hear when my daughter asks me, “Can we play Barbies?” -- and say, “Yes.” Being silent helps me hear when my son tells me to be quiet, because he feels overwhelmed by the amount of data I’m giving him as we go over possible college choices -- and stop. Being quiet helps me hear when God wanders through the messy parts of my soul and points to what needs to change and what needs healing. I usually say, “Ow.” And, at the same time, “You’re right, God.”

Letting God walk through your heart sometimes brings joy. The night we played Barbies, my daughter squeezed me and said it was the best part of her day. Sometimes it brings peace, like my son’s visible relief when I stopped overloading him. Sometimes it brings awareness of what we need to change, pray about, and grow toward, but letting God wander always brings us to greater wonder in His presence.

So the Small Success of this week was learning to “Be still, and know He is here.”

What small successes are you celebrating this week?

Copyright 2018 Sherry Antonetti