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"Praying the Litany of Trust this Lent" by Tiffany Walsh (CatholicMom.com) Pixabay (2017), CC0 Public Domain[/caption] As we journey through Lent, I like to periodically stop and take stock of how I’m doing with my resolutions. Have I fallen off the wagon with what I promised to do and/or not to do? Almost certainly at least once. Generally, I’m able to get back to it successfully, but my confidence always takes a hit when that happens. Why am I so bad at this Lent thing year after year? Over time, I have come to see that struggling in the spiritual walk is not a bad sign at all. It is a sign of authenticity, it is a sign that we CARE. We want our journey to be both genuine and successful, and thus we place a lot of pressure on our own shoulders to get it right. This is a signal that God’s grace is alive and working in our lives. Giving in and breaking our self-imposed discipline of not eating chocolate on a Lenten Friday does not make us failures as workers in God’s vineyard. We want to please Him, thus we are His faithful soldiers. We can start anew in our walk with Jesus towards Holy Week. Recently, a good friend directed me to a prayerful litany that spoke directly to my heart as I navigate my own Lenten journey.  It’s called the Litany of Trust, and it is an absolutely perfect prayer for our Lenten walk. The full litany is available from the Sisters of Life, but here are a few excerpts: From the belief that I have to earn Your love Deliver me, Jesus. From the fear that I am unlovable Deliver me, Jesus. From the false security that I have what it takes Deliver me, Jesus. From the fear that trusting You will leave me more destitute Deliver me, Jesus. From all suspicion of Your words and promises Deliver me, Jesus. From the rebellion against childlike dependency on You Deliver me, Jesus. From refusals and reluctances in accepting Your will Deliver me, Jesus. From anxiety about the future Deliver me, Jesus.  And … That You give me all the strength I need for what is asked Jesus, I trust in you. That my life is a gift Jesus, I trust in you. That You will teach me to trust You Jesus, I trust in you. That You are my Lord and my God Jesus, I trust in you. That I am Your beloved one Jesus, I trust in you.  "Praying the Litany of Trust this Lent" by Tiffany Walsh (CatholicMom.com) Divine Mercy. Painting in Divine Mercy Sanctuary in Vilnius by Eugeniusz Kazimirowski, 1934 via MarysRosaries.com, Public Domain[/caption] Are you as wide-eyed as I am about how much this applies to me this Lent? During Lent, we try quite earnestly to be more prayerful, to fast, and to give to others. Thus, we go forth each day trying to squeeze in a Rosary in the car on the way to work, to hold onto our patience more when we talk to our children or co-workers, to avoid snacks between meals, to deprive ourselves of a specific food or drink item that we truly enjoy, and to donate our time to charitable endeavors. All of these things are good, and we should apply ourselves to them with vigor. It is important to remember, though, that at the heart of it all, everything we do stems from God. We tend to shift our thinking towards our deeds being all via our own wavering efforts, but of course this is not the case. God makes everything possible for us. We are not in this alone, and God will never abandon us. When we are trying our best, we can rest in Him, even when our efforts are less than perfect. This Lent, I am not giving up. When I fail on a resolution, or have a moment lacking in Christian charity, I will not wallow. I will pick myself up and keep forging ahead with my Lenten goals. Jesus, I trust in you. 

Do you have experience praying the Litany of Trust? How do you see this prayer as relating to your Lenten plans? 

Copyright 2018 Tiffany Walsh Excerpts from the Litany of Trust used by permission of the Sisters of Life