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Staff at Holy Cross Family Ministries prepare for the celebration of Venerable Patrick Peyton, C.S.C. Copyright 2018 Holy Cross Family Ministries. All rights reserved.[/caption]
“The family that prays together stays together.”
These are among the most well-known and inspiring words in the world. They condense into one sentence the magnificent life and ministry of Venerable Patrick Peyton, C.S.C. (1909-1992). This Sunday at the Peyton Center in Easton, MA we celebrate an historic occasion, the public recognition of Father Patrick Peyton, C.S.C. as Venerable by Pope Francis. We could not be happier to share with you and your family the faith, hope, love and unity that were and are the hallmarks of Father Peyton’s life and ongoing mission through Holy Cross Family Ministries, including CatholicMom.com. What an amazing three days we have been celebrating. On Friday we observed the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Devotion to the Sacred Heart, along with devotion to the Family Rosary, has led to the transformation of millions of family homes into domestic churches. On Saturday we celebrated the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mary. The heart of Jesus and the heart of Mary can unite the most divided families and homes with unity and joy. The Gospel reminds us, “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” Father Peyton traveled the entire globe in his fifty-one years of priestly ministry proclaiming the unity, peace, joy, and love that prayer, and especially the family Rosary, bring to God’s Masterpiece, the Family. Certainly the hearts of Jesus and Mary and of all Christians must rejoice this Sunday that Father Peyton, whose own heart was so filled with love for Mother Mary and her Divine Son, is now recognized as Venerable and one step closer to becoming the “Saint for Family Prayer.” Today's Prayer Celebration for Families in honor of Venerable Patrick Peyton, C.S.C. will be livestreamed beginning at 1 PM Eastern at the Family Rosary Facebook page. Join us in prayer! Each weekday, the homily from Daily Mass at Holy Cross Family Ministries is shared online. Visit Family Rosary: World at Prayer and sign up to receive notifications of each day's homily.
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