Ten things which happened in the past week for which I am very grateful: 10) I ran into some relatives of ours who we haven’t seen in quite some time by accident while at my daughter’s basketball game. It was wonderful to just spend some time talking. 9) My ten-year-old has a best friend and they spent the day doing their science project. (They were testing how best to get soda cold). 8) The kids made dinner two nights … and did the dishes. 7) Middle son struggled but we had a heart-to-heart and he seems to get what we expect of him. 6) My youngest invited us to a puppet show. It had three intermissions. 5) My husband and I squeezed in a date on Saturday Night. We went to see a ballet of Romeo and Juliette at the Kennedy center.

4) We watched winter Olympics together as a family several of the nights.

3) My youngest son Paul is showing more independence in all areas of life. 2) We had snow on Saturday and it was beautiful and fun.

1) Made it to confession.

What I discovered was, there’s more -- but you get the idea. Giving yourself a number to count to, makes you cast about in the past week for what happened and all the little examples in life of grace, progress, forgiveness, and growth. I’m challenging everyone who reads this to come up with ten things from the past week (in the form of a list) for which they wish to say, “Thank you, God, for all the successes of the past week.”

Have a great Small Success Thursday.

What small successes are you celebrating this week?

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