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"What devotion or popular piety best fits your Myers-Briggs Personality Type?" by Amanda Torres (CatholicMom.com) Pixabay (2016), CC0 Public Domain[/caption] I am something of a Myers-Briggs junkie. I love to overanalyze things to death, especially people. I like to know what makes them tick. I like to make deeper connections and think about universal human truths that weave together each of our individual traits. So, naturally, in Adoration the other day, I was thinking of particular devotions I felt called to, and my mind began to search for a personality-type connection. Here is what I came up with.

INTJ: Liturgy of the Hours

INTJs are commonly called the Mastermind, or the Architect. You are driven by strategy and logic. You might not be a religious, but you pray the Liturgy of the Hours as if you were. You have an app but prefer the complexities of using the hard-copy volumes. Who else but an INTJ could figure out all of the hours without the app anyway?

INTP: Stations of the Cross

INTPs are known as Logicians or Philosophers. You love to apply your wisdom and your intellect to abstract things — like meditating on how Christ’s suffering is interconnected to your salvation.

ENTJ: First Friday and First Saturday Devotions

ENTJs are strong-willed, natural born leaders. You have confidence and find joy in achievement. The commitment involved in fulfilling the 9 First Friday and 5 First Saturday Masses for this devotion looked like a challenge you needed to conquer. Your charisma probably led a few of your friends to make the devotion, too.

ENTP: Interdenominational Bible Study

ENTPs are the Debaters, or the Devil’s Advocate. Let’s face it, you like to argue, sometimes for arguments’ sake. You probably organized an interdenominational Bible study in order to go toe-to-toe with your friends on matters of apologetics, and you likely won.

INFJ: Eucharistic Adoration

The Advocate. INFJs are the rare mystics. You lead with Introverted Intuition and you have a deep love for quiet, profound contemplation. Eucharistic Adoration combines your love of contemplation with your love of being alone and silence. In the Adoration Chapel you can be alone with Jesus — the only one who really understands you, you rare bird.

INFP: Acts of Reparation

The Mediator, The Healer, The Dreamer. INFPs are the ultimate idealists. While you dream of the way the world should, be you are often deeply saddened by the ways in which we have fallen short and have a deep longing for heaven. Drawn to sorrow and sadness as a universal human truth, the INFP naturally seeks to make reparations and have a deep understanding of redemptive suffering.

ENFJ: Leading a Soup Kitchen

ENFJs are charismatic servant-leaders. You feel called to pray with your actions more than your words. You want to reach out and have an impact on other people. You want to inspire them with your passion and love. You understand more than any other type how your actions can affect the world, and your aim is to always do good.

ENFP: Lectio Divina

ENFPs are enthusiastic free spirits who are always searching for connections and deeper meaning. You probably host a group Lectio so that you can indulge your extroverted social side with your creative quest for meaning in the words of Scripture.

ISTJ: Devotion to St. George

ISTJs have a strong sense of duty. You are dependable, logical, and practical; St. George appeals those aspects of your personality. You relate to St. George because you admire his dedication to the faith, and you likely martyr yourself for your family every day.

ISFJ: The Chaplet of Divine Mercy

At your core you care deeply for your loved ones. You love praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet because you get to pray for the intentions other, caring for them in a sort of hands-off way, which appeals to your introversion. You are drawn to God’s mercy as means of comforting the suffering.

ESTJ: The Rosary

You love structure and order and find comfort in the beautiful traditions of the Rosary. You probably lead a Rosary group every Saturday morning at your parish because you appreciate how tradition can bring communities together.

ESFJ: Intercessory Prayer/Prayer Chain

ESFJs are warm and caring. You can combine your strong planning and organizing skill in leading the parish prayer chain. ESFJs naturally focus their efforts on listening to other people’s relationships and activities and take joy in intercessory prayer.

ISTP: Litany of St Joseph

ISTPs are master tradesmen. You excel at any task requiring skill and logical analysis. You are calm and think quickly in moments of crisis. You have a devotion to St Joseph because you relate to the carpenter of few words, and you always ask for his intercession before you begin a new project.

ISFP: Mary Garden

ISFPs are artists. You like to think outside of the box and you shine when you are being creative. ISFPs love cultivating a Mary Garden as there are no set rules and you can explore nature and really feel the deep love of God.

ESTP: Litany of Saints

ESTPs are very social, energetic and impulsive. ESTPs are attracted to the Litany of Saints because it is the prayer equivalent of gathering people together. You are happy to interact with all of your heavenly friends; however, if you lead a Litany of Saints, your impulsiveness is likely to toss in saints as you see fit.

ESFP: Eucharistic Procession

ESFPs are the entertainers. You are full of energy and love being the center of attention. You are happy to leave the solemn confines of the church sanctuary and bring the Jesus-party to the streets. You are probably leading the procession just behind the choir, singing and dancing exuberantly.

Was this a hit or miss for your type? Let me know what changes you would make in the comments!

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